Monday, May 9, 2011

Justified season 2. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

The second season of Justified was more shocking and mind blowing than the first. Timothy Olyphant has gone into much more depth of this character than I think Elmore Leonard has. On top of that, there is Walter Goggins as Boyde Crowder who is the amazing badguy that you kind of root for. Normally when there are badguys your root for like this, he has some sort of good to his agenda, but not Boyde!!! Part of you wants him to run all the crime in Harland County Kentucky. on top of that, there is a slew of new characters, Mags Bennet (crime boss, and weed giant of Harlan County) and her boys, particularly Dickie Bennett. The whole season I just wanted someone to shoot him, and though it almost happened a couple times, it never did. But hey, that is cool 'cause that's what makes me want to watch the next episode, the hope that Dickie may get shot someday.

Rayon's relationship his ex wife Wynona gets pretty heated after her and her husband agree to divorce. Then of course the subject that got her and Raylon to split in the first place comes up, and it pretty much revolves around Raylon never being sure if he is going to come home alive from day to day.

One of the more interesting episodes is where Wynona manages to steal a bunch of money from the evidence locker, and Raylon plays hell getting it back, this causes Rayon's relationship with his boss Art to be real edgy. It almost makes a guy cry as we all have learned to love Art.

Mag Bennett ends up giving all but the weed business to Boyd Crowder. Boyd shacks up with Ava, gets Arlo (Rayon's dad) in on stealing the weed business from Mags, Dickie gets mad because he was the one running it for her, goes to Arlo's house wanting to "talk" to him. Arlo is not there, but Rayon's beloved aunt Helen is with a shotgun, unfortunately she doesn't have the advantage and gets shot at point blank range with a 12 gauge. I dispute the shows illustration of it, though it was very suspenseful showing a shot from outside the house, you hear her make a gasp and then she gets a shot out, though this is possible, I do not feal it would have been likely considering the weapons used, but hey is was very well played out and definitely made me make sure I didn't miss the next episode.

Next Raylon gets a chance to kill Dickie, but gets all choked up and doesn't want to be the badguy and just sends him to jail. By this point Raylon has thwarted assassins that were gunning for Wynona and makes her ex disappear.

The last episode, really started to have the feel of the old Gunsmoke show, Marshall Dylan (Raylon Givens) sees it his civic duty even though he is on vacation, to help a little girl who is out for the blood of her fathers death. In his attempts to find where the girl is, he gets knocked out with a baseball bat, when he wakes, he is tied up and hanging upside down in a tree. Salty Sam (Dickie Bennett) starts to monologue about how Marshall Dylan owes him for crippling him twenty years ago. Then eventually gets around to beating him with the bat a few times. Then the bad guy we love to hate, The Rango Kid (Boyde Crowder) comes in with a witty thing to say like, "I don't know whether to just shoot him now or let him hit you a couple more times." Oh but Marshall Dylan even in his pain is more witty and says, "I vote the first one." So Rango gets him cut down and proceeds to shoot Salty Sam, yay!!!!!!!!!! I thought. No, that doesn't happen, Salty Sam has  silver tongue, he mentions the fact that Marshall Dylan needs him to get to the Bennets place and save the girl. 

So Marshall Dylan takes Salty and holds him at gun point in front of The Bennett clans place in front of their numerous guys with machine guns, and says I need to get in there. The little girl has beat him to it, and fires a shot witch makes everyone outside start shooting at Marshall Dylan. This is the twist, normally Marshall Dylan save the day, no this time the bullets completely miss Salty (damn it!!!!!) and Dylan gets gut shot. Just when his chips are down and Salty's big brother has Dylan at point blank range, a sharpshooter hits the big brother in the head, it seems Marshall Dylan's friend with the Marshall's service caught wind of his situation and came to help, thanks to miss Kitty (Wynona).

Oh and in the end Mags Bennett kills herself with the same arsenic type poison she tends to put in her apple pie flavored moonshine to kill other people.

All in all I completely enjoy this series and season two delivered, yeah the people I liked got killed and the ones I hate seem to like, but that's what keeps it interesting. Watch this, but only if you have seen the first season, 'cause you won't understand a thing.

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