Saturday, November 20, 2010

FNP 40 a 5 star pistol at a 3 star price!!

F N Herstall is the company who makes this awesome polymer frame pistol. I got it from a raffle in which the ticket cost only 5 dollars. The gun would normally cost around 700 dollars out the door (after taxes, background check, registration.) This is a lot of money, but this gun performs right up there with far more expensive guns.

The one I have is the FNP 40 which is chambered in .40 cal. S&W. It also comes in 9 mm, and .45 ACP.  So now when my friends come to me and ask "what calibre should I shoot?" I can take them to the range with this and just rent the other two calibres and see who they shoot with each.

When I won this gun, I had just bought a base model 1911 that I intend to customize (review coming soon). I sent 100 round through that .45 in one sitting and it left my hand buzzing and a little sore in the web between my thumb and index finger. This gun, after 100 rounds I didn't feel a thing. This is party due to the lower recoil of the .40 cal. but also due to the ergonomics of this pistol.

I has a very similar grip angle to the 1911 but has just the right contours needed to reduce felt recoil, not to mention it comes with interchangeable back straps for customization.

In many ways this gun is a great alternative to a custom 1911. It has every custom feature I am planning to add to my 1911. Three dot sights, dovetailed both in front and back, abi. safety, full length guide rod, front and rear cocking serrations, checkering on the back strap and front strap, and a bit of a funnel shape in the magazine well.

Take down is easy, all you need to do is, set the slide back and engage the slide stop, and lower the take down lever and its off. Cleaning is easy a couple squirts of balistoll and a couple drops of oil and that is about it.

It comes with three fourteen round mags, has a decocker built into the safety.

After putting a few hundred round through this gun without seeing any jams I took it apart for cleaning. I live outside of Vegas and deal with a lot of dust. There was dust all throughout this gun! I couldn't believe it, it was still shooting even though it was just about filled with sand, it was everywhere and did not hinder the guns performance at all.

I am not the best shooter, I have no doubt that the gun is more accurate than I am. I was able to hit water bottle caps at roughly 15 yards with this gun, the trigger pull is light and smooth making it easy not to jerk the gun and lose my sight picture.

The only thing I don't like about it is how wide it is. Tis is just fine if your carrying it on a normal hip holster, but if you are carrying it say... inside the waistband? it will be UN comfortable. I suppose that is a minute problem considering there are many other options and carrying a gun is never intended to be "comfortable"

One thing I will say though, on the edge of the bottom of the slide I have developed a slight gouge. This is from the take down lever rising during a shot and scraping the bottom of the slide. It is purely superficial, and somewhat common. If you have a replacement warranty like mine, you probably wont have the problem again with the next gun.

Overall i am completely amazed with this gun, however i suppose that is easy considering I got it for 5 dollars. But even if I imagine that I spent the same amount of money as I did on my 1911, I still would be amazed.

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