Thursday, November 18, 2010


Good knife! My wife bought it for me two years ago for Christmas. Its cost at the time was about 35 dollars. The model I have is made of AUS 8A steel. I cannot remember the name of the site but it did an extensive amount of research on the steel and found that though it did have exceptional edge retention, it really showed its true colors after being soaked in lemon juice for 15 minutes. Under those circumstances, it performed better than any of the other steels tested.

This knife is sizable enough to use as a makeshift hatched, yet light enough not to be a burden on you pants. Its grip Angle is superb for combative slashing and chopping motions. It also makes a decent skinning knife, don't get me wrong, I would prefer a smaller, thinner skinning knife, but it will do in a pinch.

Now COLD STEEL has discontinued the model I have. Now the current one they sell is made from San Mai III which is amazingly strong and resistant to elements.

If you wan an affordable, midsized, resistant to water knife. This is for you!

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