Thursday, November 18, 2010

PRONTO By Elmore Leanord.

This book was very, very good. I thought so anyways. I will be honest and say that the only reason why I bought the book was that it had the seal on the front saying "features Raylon Givens, from  the hit series JUSTIFIED." The cover is dull, The description did describe it, but wasn't very suspenseful. The beginning of the book was informative, it had to be in order to set the story. If I had only read the beginning I would not have bought the book. So therefore the sale to me of the book was purely from the T.V. show.

So here is the idea, a bookie from Miami, named Harry Arno, is getting ready to retire. The Miami police decide that if they frame him for skimming, which he does but not as much as he is being framed for. Raylon had Harry in custody at one point before and Harry "gave him his word" and escaped. Now that Harry's boss found him out, he sends a hit after him. Not a pro just the first guy who is willing to do it, someone expendable. Harry has the best pistol ever in vented, the M1911 A1 with him and shoots the guy.

Now Harry is on the run from the law, Raylon, and his big bad boss. Part of the way through the book, The U.S. Marshal's drop the case. Raylon is now defending Harry because he would be killed shortly by a "Zip." But here is the thing that gets Harry in trouble once he moves to Italy is that he send for his much younger girlfriend Joyce (ex-stripper by the way.)

This book is great. It has good, simple, realistic action, Good and funny dialogue, and lengthy descriptions of each character's past when they are introduced into the story. The supporting characters add a great humorous element such as a guy called "Joe Macho" who is a muscle bound simpleton who really doesn't know how to be a bad ass, he just acts like it.

The sexual scenes are funny. I personally don't like sex in book the way it is done most of the time. In this it is not sugar coated, nor is it in extreme detail, it is just explained in enough detail to implement the humor they are intended for.

Over all this book is a great story, it includes the beginning of the JUSTIFIED series, however it is played out differently yet in the same spirit. The series and this book have enough similarities to entertain the same people, yet they are different enough so that when someone who has sen the show reads the book, they will not be predicting every event.

I give it four stars!!

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