Monday, January 10, 2011

SHANGHAI SHADOW COLDSTEEL another great, simple knife from Cold Steel!!

I haven't had this knife for very long, I just got it from a good buddy for Christmas. However considering it has the same steel and treatment as the bushman and the True flight, I think it is safe to say that it is durable. i am going to point out the advantages and disadvantages to the design.

This knife is a double edge fixed blade, The only bad thing is that in most city's it would be illegal to have on your person, but as a survival tool it has the clear advantage of using on edge for the bulk of your chopping and rough cutting, and save the other edge for tasks that require a sharper edge. This knife used to feature a cord wrapped handle, but now it has much more comfortable G10 scales. The G10 scales are removable if you can think ahead and bring along a small Allen wrench, this will give the ability to lash it on to the end of a pole to be used as a spear if needed, on top of that the ring on the pommel would aid in lashing down the blade.

It has a very effective hand guard, I believe this knife is effective for both survival and combat, just don't expect to be able to hammer on one side of the blade to split any logs and be care full when drawing out of the sheath not to cut the tie downs.

Four and a half stars!!!!

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