Monday, February 14, 2011

Life as we know it prety good for a chick flick.

I know you guys are porbably thinking "Trav you're supposed to be doing reviews on guy stuff, what is up with these chick flicks?" Well, I am a married guy, so I get to be slammed with one romantic comedy after another until the kid falls asleep or I get off work early enough to through on "Sin City" or some John Wayne flick. now my wife isn't too bad though, she likes the action flicks also but she is a woman therefore I will endure my share of "chick flicks."

This way I can tell you guys, that you might like this movie, thus giving you and your woman both a flick you will enjoy.

Life as we know it is a fairly funny, romanctic comedy about two people who don't really care for eachother, but they have mutual friend who are married so they need to coexist. What happens is, the mutuall friends get in a car reck and leave their baby with Katherine Heigl, and Josh Duhamel.

The funny parts are all in relation the baby, the usual barfing in the face, pooping in the guys favorite ball cap, etc...

For the ladies out there, there is plenty of tear jerker stuff like, the friends dying, Josh leaving the family to take a job out of state, Josh comming back and realizing how much he loves her and the baby. I also though it was funny when the social worker "just happened" to show up when they had cooked "special" brownies.

Ladies and gentlemen alike, you will definatly enjoy "Life as we know it" as it is a definate success.

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