Monday, February 7, 2011

self protection pt3

This will be short. Another exercise for situational awareness is as follows. Take a few pictures of public places, Target, grocery store, etc... Then while you are at home, have someone show you the picture for 1-3 seconds. Then you write down the tings you observed in the picture. look for certain things, fire alarms, emergency exits, people who can help in case of emergency such as security guards, places to take cover. Each time you do it, look for one specific thing. First time maybe fire alarms, second time, look for exits, and so on...

The other thing I have to say it that, cell phones, ipods, etc. are the death of situational awareness. There is  reason why marines are not aloud to walk and talk on the cell phone and it is a violation of the uniform code. It completely prevents you from anticipating threats and dangers, keep in mind, self protection is not just defending yourself from people it is also from disasters such as fire, structural failure in your building, being on the cell phone makes it harder to anticipate such things and would be harder to call 911 since you would have to end on call and start another. Stay off the cell phone unless you are fully situated.

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