Friday, May 27, 2011

Interview With Author RYE JAMES!!!!!

Rye James!!! The author of the above mentioned novels is here and here is what he has to say!!!!

1: "The Assassin," where did you get the idea for this, and how did you come up with the moral issues this book involves?

I wanted to write a western that had different aspects to it instead of just a straight shoot 'em up. It's got a little bit of mystery to it so I think it appeals to those who might not be interested in a western. I've been told by people that they don't like westerns, but they like this book, presumably cause of the mystery angle and the complexity of the Assassin character. The issues in the book just kind of evolved as I was writing it. I didn't have it all planned out in advance. I do a basic outline and know how I want the story to start and end, but everything in the middle just depends on what happens with the characters between those points.

2: As a western writer, have you had trouble hitting your target demographic?

I think it's tough for anybody who writes westerns to find an audience for it. As soon as you release it you've already eliminated a certain percentage of readers who will refuse to read it for any variety of reasons. I think it's always a bit of a struggle for most authors not on the bestseller list to find their audience.

3: If so, do you think not having the right readers could have an effect on the amount of positive reviews you get?

Yeah, a case could probably be made for that. I think most readers enjoy my work and have said so, but reviews are tough to come by. Most book review blogs are besieged with review requests and it's tough finding the right fit and most readers who were happy with their reading experience don't feel the need to write a review.

4: What do you enjoy writing more? Westerns, or contemporary action?

At one point I would've said Westerns, but I don't know if that's the case anymore. I've got story lines for other projects that I'm as excited about as I was with the westerns so right now I would say that I enjoy both of them equally as much.

5: As a writer, I tend to draw from people around me for my characters, would you say you do the same, or are yours more original?

I've never used traits from anybody that I know. Not that I wouldn't, I just don't. Most of mine are either original or I took bits and pieces from western characters in movies that I thought would fit the character.

6: Do you think your books would make good movies? Why?

I think they would. I think the story lines are good, and they have plenty of action, so I would think so. I actually had interest from a foreign production company that was interested in The Assassin but it didn't work out.

7: What do you draw inspiration from?

I think a lot of things. Books, movies, TV, news, just life in general.

8: Do you see some of yourself in your main characters?

Not really too much. There might be a few lines of dialogue, or thoughts, that would be similar to something I would say or do, but for the most part I didn't try to put myself into any of the characters.

9: Would you prefer your readers to buy the kindle, or paperback editions of your books?

I would prefer them to buy the e-books just for the fact that they're cheaper and they can buy more books for the same price as a paperback. But whatever format they prefer to read on is fine with me.

10: would you ever consider working with a collaborator on a book or graphic novel?

I don't really know. It's not something I've given a whole lot of consideration about. I like having control of what I do so I don't know if I'd be a great co-writer on something.

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