Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet Bill!!!!

Aaron Eckhart, Jessica Alba, and Timothy Olyphant star in Meet Bill. Unlike the last movie I reviewed, this one is quite intelligent.

It is about a man who has lived under the thumb of his father in law and overbearing, cheating wife. When Bill (Aaron Eckhart) catches his wife with the news reporter (Timothy Olyphant) is basically forced into a midlife crisis.

In Meet Bill, Bill battles his wife, father in law, the movie reporter, and his gut. With the help of a sarcastic teen he is "mentoring," the lingerie sales woman with a quirky sense of humor, his gay brother, and hi "life partner," he conquers his father in-law, life, and the doughnut franchise he buys to get out from under his in laws thumb.

Timothy Oplyphant plays a great douche bag in this movie, particularly when Bill drags him out of his house buy his towel wrapped hair (he dies his hair.) This movie is full of plenty of witty comments like, "life is one long series of discrimination's, so get used to it." I cracked up on that one.

There was allot of truth in this movie and I loved how it made that truth funny, Want intelligent comedy? Aaron Eckhart will deliver. Four stars, I loved it!!!

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