Tuesday, November 23, 2010

COLD STEEL Ture flight thrower. Best spent twenty dollars!!!

This knife is a sizable, well balanced and well crafted throwing knife. It comes with a para cord wrapped handle, and a cordura sheath. I carryed this knife every day for several years. I have used it to chop, dig, pry, skin game, throwing, you name it will do it.

It so far, hands down, is the best twenty dollars I have ever spent. The spine is thick enough to handle being used as a hatchet, shovel, for prying, etc. However the hollow ground blade makes it easily capable of handling a razor edge and be used for filleting, or skinning and other such intricate projects.

The high carbon steel only magnifies all of these abilities, on top of that, it is spring tempered which magnifies them even further! Can you see why I say it is the best twenty dollars ever spent?

The only better knife I can think of is the Ka Bar. Even then, the Ka Bar has more parts that can break than the true flight. Get this knife! If you are an outdoors man, this is a must! This knife is better than the bushman even, if you need a spear you can split a branch or staff and use the para card form the handle to lash it inside and you will have a stronger spear head, and since it is spring tempered it will be better than the bushman.

The only downside is, comfort. Big trade off there. But I never noticed once I realised how many different things this knife will do. The sheath could be better but it to has stayed put together through the beating I put it through. The only thing the sheath did was kind loosen up.

P.S. I put the link to a more expensive model so that way it has free shipping, which will save you money. It is Christmas time, someone you know needs this knife.

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