Sunday, November 21, 2010

Regent M1911 good base model .45 5 star project gun!!!

This is my first handgun. I grew up shooting my grandpa's old mil. spec. 1911. I spent $525 out the door on this one. The gun is what it says it is, a base model 1911 .45. Keep in mind it is a pre-1924 mil. spec. 1911. This means there is no lowered and flared ejection port.

My gunsmith explained to me that the slide and barrel where made from forged steel which due to the repeated pounding the metal gets from a very strong hydraulic hammer it is very dense, the grain runs the same direction much like wood, and therefore is much stronger than cast steel.

I have heard people say "it is stainless not hammer forged." That is a very stupid comment. Hammer forging is a process that can be done to any kind of steel, including stainless steel.

The first thing I did after cleaning was send a hundred rounds of hardball through it. Normally 1911's tend to jam a couple times during break in. This one didn't, I have sent several hundred rounds down range and have never had a jam. I assume that had I tried hollow point the first couple hundred round I would have had a jam or two, but hey, what would you expect from a firearms that was designed from the ground up to shoot hardball.

I did not make note of the groups I had when I first gut the gun, but now I am capable of two inch groups at 15 - 20 yards. The trigger pull is still the heavy pull we all expect from 1911s but it has smoothed out quite a bit.

The gun came with only one 7 round magazine and plastic grips, which is the only downside I have seen to this gun.

The 1911 model is very nice for concealed carry as it has a slim profile yet has enough weight so you won't forget it's presents.

Due to the plastic grips and only one mag, plus it being the most base model possible I will give it an overall star rating of 3 and a half.

But.. for the money, as a starter and or project pistol I will give it 5 stars hands down. Very solid, no slop, reliable, and accurate. Everything one would expect from a quality 1911 .45!!!

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