Sunday, November 21, 2010

Travis Haselton, interview.

Travis Haselton author of The Man With No Past


Syria Says:  What was your earliest attempt at writing?
Travis Haselton:  When I was young I tried writing Sci Fi stories. More recently though I tried writing  novel adaptation of my life experiences. That didn't go very far though, cause it gave me ideas for more original work. I will start it again someday.
Syria Says:  What does your family think of your writing career?

Travis Haselton: "Make some money already!" Just joking. They haven't said that. They are proud and supportive.

Syria Says: Do you hope to eventually rely on your writing as your sole profession?  Do you believe it is possible?

Travis Haselton: Yes. I don't write for the money but I have no delusions, I did publish in hopes of getting paid. I do think it is possible but it will take some time and patients.

Syria Says: What is your opinion of the Indie book market and what has it done for you?

Travis Haselton: I think the indie market is good. It gives the reader some good, original reads at an affordable price. 

Syria Says:  What inspires you?

Travis Haselton:  Other than my wife, I would say the natural world. I can look at a sunrise over Eldorado Valley, or a sunset on Wailea Beach. Or just stand over Black Canyon and get ideas for a book.

Syria Says:  Are there particular problems you suffer in regard to writing, i.e. dialog, description, punctuation, romance scenes, continuity, etc.?

Travis Haselton:  Dialog mostly. 

Syria Says:  Do you have any particularly tragic anecdotes regarding your writing career as an Indie Author?

Travis Haselton:  Not really.

Syria Says:  Do you have any particularly humorous anecdotes in regarding to same?

Travis Haselton:  Well. I have done a few interviews. Gotten good reviews from respectable reviewers. I have been referred to as a modern Jack London, and I am still a trash man! Just goes to show, If I was only doing this for acclaim, I would stop right now.

Syria Says:  How do you find your Beta Readers if you use them?

Travis Haselton:  Mostly people I know, friends or family. There has been a couple people that gave me feedback on my first book that I will use for the next one.

Syria Says:  Any advice for newbie authors?

Travis Haselton:  Grow a thick skin. You put your name out there expect it to be stomped on. Use the "bad" reviews as something to learn by. Another thing. Act professional. Don't do to much work for free but make sure you give your readers a good read for their money.

Syria Says: How do you react to negative reviews/positive reviews?

Travis Haselton:  Well, positive reviews its simple. I shout hooray, break open a beer or bottle of Sailor Jerey. I have yet to receive a bad review, however I have had people send me private messages explaining something not so good about my work. I thank them and make corrections that I feel will help the story and yet remain to my artistic view.

Syria Says:  Do you believe that you are subjective in your opinions about your own work?

Travis Haselton:  Of course. That is why we have beta readers. They are outside of the work. They can be more critical than the writer.

 Syria Says:   Are there any special rituals you use to get ‘in the zone’?

Travis Haselton: Sometime I go sit of the mountain for a bit. Sometimes I dress up as the character and act out the scene.

Syria Says:  Anything else you might want to include within reason.

Travis Haselton: The ultimate goal in writing is to be known as a story teller. Thank you everyone and have a nice day.

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