Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rye James The Assassin

This book was pretty short, but a fun read. It follows a paid killer that travels the old west fulfilling contracts. He is fast on the draw but that isn't his greatest strength. His strong suite is bending the minds and perceptions of the town folk that may or may not be who he is after. One thing this book defiantly succeeded in was making me wonder who the man was there to kill.

The weaker parts of this book where mostly dialogue. There was no thoughts about home on the range in this story, which is something I like in a western. But if you want to read a book that is mostly about gun play? This is a good one for you. Some of the discussions between the main character and a local doctor seemed slightly redundant, however it wasn't to painful.

I really liked that Rye gave the character a big flaw right in the beginning, he sufferers a shoulder injury that inhibits his fast draw, and later the main character runs into his mentor adding a "buddy" feel to the story.

Overall I give it 3 and a half stars. It is a good read, but I would like to read some of Rye's other book as this one is a choppy first novel, a good one though.

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