Saturday, November 27, 2010

SMITH AND WESSON B.G. P.O.S!!! COLD STEEL! BUCK KNIVES!! KA BAR!!! anyone, please HELP!!!!!!!!.

O.K. this is the Smith And Wesson Border Guard emergency/rescue knife. This means it is of a new and popular variety of tactical folders that include a glass breaking pommel, and a seat belt cutter. This is the only one of these I have in my possession right now. However I have also owned the JEEP version and the HUMVEE version.

There are so many good things about all of these knives that I would just love to rave about, but, there is one problem that has occurred with two out of these three that makes it completely USELESS!!! That problem is that the screws in the frame come loose very easily. In this version, the Border Guard, the threads of the screws have completely stripped and I cannot use the knife at all. The same thing pretty much has happened with the JEEP version, now the HUMVEE version never did that, but I didn't own it very long before I lost it on the beach in Del Mar.

Back to the Border Guard, It is sizable, out of the box, very sturdy. The shape of the handle allows for comfortable and solid grip both towards the top and bottom of the handle. It uses a linear lock, and this really neat texture stuff in the side that makes for a very solid grip even when wet or in oil.

The blade come in both semi serrated and plain edges as well as both tanto and clip points. The edge retention seemed to be good and came very sharp, not to mention the knife was protected by a bead blasted finish that protects it from the elements that it is obviously designed to encounter.

This knife would be a five star knife if Smith And Wesson would decide to use rivets on the frame instead of screws. So instead I will only give it two seems how after only a month, the knife is completely useless and not able to be repaired.

buy it, if you absolutely must.

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