Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Fourth Kind

This movie was O.K. It did give me the heebeegeebees a bit. Now before I go further, I want to say that I am not a skeptic when it comes to E.Ts. I in fact, am a believer. It seems mathematically impossible for there not to be some sort of life elsewhere.

This movie claims to contain archived footage, the only footage that could be real is a couple of the hypnosis scenes, First off, the "real" Abbey Tyler is played by  Charlotte Milchard, This alone debunks the movie. Plus the fact that no law enforcement agency would release those video clips for a movie, they could have been leaked, but we all know that leaked vids take no time to get on youtube.

Both of those police car clips showed scenery, buildings, and landscape that was identical to the reenactment. I know your thinking "maybe they filmed right where it happened" no they didn't they filmed in Bulgaria and Squamish Canada. Neither place bears any visual similarities to Nome Alaska,not to mention how would everything look that close to the same being filmed 9 years later?

My other question is that since everyone in Nome gets abducted by aliens without their memory of it, how come no one has a dog in the house to freak out when the aliens enter the room? I know I am kinda crazy "what about the dogs!" But seriously, it is Alaska everyone has a dog, except if you live in Nome.

Ultimately though, if you can take it as face value it is a good flick that will have you watching your back when you drive at night.

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