Monday, December 27, 2010


My wife happens to be the best woman in the world!!!!!!!!! She got me the Cold Steel, Recon 1 for Christmas!! Now I know I haven't had this knife for very long but considering that the design and the materials have already been proven, I feel I may be redundant in saying that it will hold up. I love the design of this knife, it is light, and sizable.

The contours of the Recon 1 are amazing, there is no need for jimping or a hand guard as the knife almost fully engulfs the hand when you grip it. Not to mention the checkering pattern gives it a great texture for gripping the knife.

The checkering has a downside though, it may eat up your pants a bit, but I am not going to do any modifications because I tend to wear linen, slacks, and sweat pants allot and knives tend to fall out of the pockets even with the clip, so I could use the extra gripping power. But if you don't like it, then a simple spray of epoxy, duracoat, or maybe a sandpaper job could solve the problem.

The Recon 1 comes with a left hand pocket clip and the thumb stud can be reversed with a flat head screw driver for lefties.

As usual Cold steel knifes come very sharp out of the box and AUS8A steel is very durable and corrosion resistant just check out the ODA review I put up.

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