Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WINDSAIL RECEPTOR INC. The future of alternative energy.

O.K. This company is pretty new, and specializes in a new and unique wind generator technology. There are many stats on this "windmill" (don't call them that, you may get lynched by the tree hugger) on the web sight which I will insert a link to.

What I want to point out is not on the site but is based off of information provided on the site. This windsail is a forty five foot tall tower with 15 foot blades. Compare that to the 400 foot tall towers, and 200 foot blades they are using right now. The largest wind farm in the world is in Texas and has 421 wind generators, but covers 47,000 acres. The Windsail Receptor is much smaller and can run off of much much less wind (5 mph to 80 mph to be exact.) I would like to know how many Windsails can be used per acre, because based on the numbers on their sight 420 Windsails can produce 290,000,000 or more KWH per month. That is as much as a small nuclear power plant (if the guy on yahoo answers was right.)

Again, I don't know how many can be put on 47,000 acres, but with the small size of these towers I could imagine being able to double, or triple, or even quadruple stack them. Making your per acre output go through the roof. Bottom line is, this is the first alternative energy that might compete enough with nuclear to over throw the claims "nuclear is just to effective and easy."

I for one would love to be an investor in this if I had the money, Just buying one and selling the excess energy would put many of my financial worys to rest.


Check it out, they are even hiring here soon!!!

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