Saturday, December 11, 2010

Going the Distance. Funny!

This movie is about a couple who meet, have a great few weeks and then get put into a long distance relationship. I thought it would be a moderately funny romance flick, but when we get five minutes into it and have to send the kid into her rooms it turns out to be a bit funnier and raunchier than we had expected.

Justin Long and Drew Barrymore are super funny in this, not to mention the supporting member of the cast who is also a character on "It's Always Sunny." Keep in mind people, this movie is far more explicit than the previews suggest.

On top of the fact that I was rolling through most of the movie, I was also impressed with the realistic situations the couple are faced with. This is the best, super funny, comedy/drama i have ever seen.

A bit of warning to you though, be prepared to see Justin Long's backside a couple times, I wasn't.

5 stars for Justin Long getting attacked by a tanning machine and Drew Barrymore getting carried out of a bar while demanding some random dude to suck her pecker.

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