Thursday, December 9, 2010

COLD STEEL KUDU good for the price!

I get this knife a lot, Cold Steel tends to send it free with purchases over thus and so dollars. I also tend to lose this knife a lot due to it not having a pocket clip. But if you can keep track of it, it will due far more than eight dollars worth of work.

It is made of Krupp stainless steel. This steel is not very good for edge retention compared to most steel that COLD STEEL uses, but it is better than your usual stainless steel found in most 8 or ten dollar knives. The handle is made from a material called G10. It is a very light rugged form of plastic.

A good thing about this knife is that it is light, therefore it is easy to carry and have a long blade to use. The ring type locking mechanism I have mixed feelings about. On one hand, you need to use two hands to open it, on the other hand it is very strong. If you want a knife limited to utility purposed, for example if you are giving it to a kid and don't want him or her running around whipping it out like it is a weapon, this would be a good choice.

Since it did stay put together better than the border guard I will it four stars.

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