Thursday, December 9, 2010

Knight and Day. uuuugggg!!!

O.K. This movie could have had potential, an eccentric, and kinda stalkerish, spy seems to be following Cameron Diaz. The first fight scene Had a kind of "Tom Cruize trying to be like Jacki Chan" vibe. When I say that, I mean in terms of humor, yeah I know it is funny when a bad guy tries to throw a knife in Jacki Chan's crotch and he blocks it and says "Not Cool!" but when Tom does it.... not so much.

The whole time I was watching this movie, while I was mildly entertained, I could help but imagine Tom jumping up and down saying "Please like me again!!! I am sorry I jumped on Oprah's couch!!" The movie could have been a good flick, but the delivery sucked. Maybe the same people who made M.I.2 should have a hand in it and they could have fixed it, maybe I just have a bias when it comes to Tom Cruize.

I will give it some credit for Cameron Diaz's line, "you should have just said 'if you get on the plane you're gonna fucking die!" When Tom claimed he warned her about getting on a plane by saying "Things happen for a reason."

Sorry if there was any spoilers, but you didn't really miss much if you haven't seen the flick

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