Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kershaw Blur great knife!!!

I Have had the Kershaw Blur for a couple months now, since I am a trash man the knife takes an extreme beating against the side of the trash truck. This was something that the S&W Border Guard could not handle in the slightest. The Blur has handled that with flying colors and I could not ask for more in terms of how well the knife has stayed put together.

I know that Two months does not sound like a long time but since most pocket knives can't last that long with me and this knife hasn't got more that a scratch on it, I think it passes the test.

The knife features decent but limiting contours in the handle, and a very nice skateboard tape-like texture that makes it very easy to grip. Though the Blur is not my first choice for a self defence knife, the fast acting "Assisted" opening action makes it fairly well suited for the rapid deployment that proves to be helpful in combative situations. Not to mention if you work with work gloves it makes it very easy to open wearing them.

Kershaw falls a little bit in my book when using the blade steel they have chosen, I think many knife makers should learn from Cold Steel and use more premium steel for their blades, but this knifes steel seems perfectly suited for light to moderate cutting tasks. I would also like to add that the slim point of the blade makes it really good for EDC tasks like cleaning the finger nails, pulling staples etc...

Overall if this knife feal comfortable to you it is a very decent knife and worth the fifty dollars I spent as it will not fail to function.

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