Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bark Off Training aid. It really works!!!

Just got it today and i am already sold. I have an American Eskimo, and a Border Collie. The little white dog is by nature of the breed, loud. They where bred as watchdogs and it is in their genes to bark at just about anything.

While I like this about Max, it is quite hard to teach him that when someone is walking by the apartment he doesn't need to bark, because he is really just trying to be protective and is most of the reason why I keep him.

So I went to Target and saw this and figured it was worth the ten dollars and gave it a shot. IT WORKS!!!!! It doesn't create an extreme reaction with the dog but he has been very quiet, in fact it has never been so peaceful in my house. This was by far a better experience with anti barking aids than when I tried the electric collar (poor dog.)

He still barks a little bit, now it is only when I want him to for example, when someone is right outside the door, near my car etc...

The only problem is that there is only two sensitivity settings, low and high. High setting doesn't allow for any noise to be made whatsoever, not talking, TV anything (I know because you can put it up to your ear and hear it a bit I have been confusing it for the ringing I have all the time in my ear from shooting to many guns without protection.)

I really wish there where more settings but hey, I haven't had this thing more than a few hours and my dog almost doesn't even bark, I am O.K. with the settings. Get the Bark Off Training Aid if you have dogs and it will be the best ten dollars ever spent!!!

I do have to say that while I was writing this review, my dogs got into a fight, they do that sometimes but I feel that maybe the barking from the fight could have triggered this device and then irritating the dogs causing the fight to escalate, so you would want to have some discretion as to when you have it on.

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