Friday, February 4, 2011

A Perfect Getaway. Four stars!! Just a good action flick!!

This movie was supposed to be one of those flicks with a crazy twist at the end. That it did but it wasn't exactly up there with The Sixth Sense. If you pay a Little attention you can figure out that the couple (Mila Jovovich and Steve Zahn) are not the people who they say they are and the moment I saw Steve light a butane burner I knew he was gonna cook some drug cause I have been to Hawaii and I couldn't figure why he was lighting it, I never did anything there that would need that type of burner.

The reason why I like this movie so much is for one, the local, Hawaii is so beautiful I was crying having to come back to Vegas (I am man enough to say I cried). I also liked it cause I am the type of guy that when I go places I kind of day dream about some extreme thing happening like serial killers stalking me as displayed in this movie. Of course in my dreams I save the day and everything goes well, same as Timothy Olyphant's character in this movie.

O.K. ow that you are totally confused let me tell a bit of the story. Steve and Mila are a couple on their honeymoon going on a hiking trip to a beautiful beach. Along the way they hear about news articles talking about some serial killing couple that has gone to their island. While hiking they run into Tim, decide to follow him as he seems savvy and can protect them from some people they pissed off on their drive to the trail head.

Next thing they know it Tim (who is an ex special forces guy) and his girlfriend seems really creepy (spoiler alert)and you think they may be the killers. But of course at the end it is found that Mila and Steve are the killers and they have Tim as their next target, the whole time they where playing the sheep and where the wolves.

This is where it gets good, Tim and his girlfriend slice and dice and fight to the bone and they save the day!!! Woo hoo, keep in mind though this movie is for entertainment not enlightenment or any awe factor just a good action flick!!

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