Sunday, January 16, 2011

Open carry of firearms in southern Nevada.

I wanted to address the subject of open carry. First I will start from a legal standpoint, back in 2004 Nevada legislature passed a law stating that no local government can restrict and or infringe firearms more so that the Nevada constitution, thus allowing us to carry in the open without a permit so long as the weapon is legally owned.

I don't agree with this law, but I do sort of agree with the idea. Th reason is that we live in a "democracy" we should be able to get together s a city and vote firearms in or out if that is what the people of thus city want.

There was a person who sent a letter to the Henderson city attorney talking about signs limiting firearms in parks and city building etc... While he was right in a sense, keep in mind that parks and such aren't "public property" like a street is, they are "City Recreational Property" Therefore they can make any rules they want just the same as a private property or business.

Tactically speaking carrying out in the open is quite dumb I believe. Carrying concealed gives you the opportunity to decide whether you want to be involved in a situation if one should arise. For example, I had a trip to Minnesota recently where a fight had broken out in a parking lot as me and my family where getting back to our vehicles, in my hay day I may have stepped in and try to keep the peace, but now I have a wife and kid to keep safe so they are my priority. I noticed someone had already called the police so I safely escorted me and my family to out vehicles and left, had I had a pistol on my hip I could easily have been singled out by the people involved in the fight and been put in a violent situation against my will, jeopardizing my family's safety.

In Nevada, many, no, most business have a no firearms policy, I have looked on the websites and it is clearly stated in their prohibited items policy "no firearms." The way I see it is if you have a ccw, then out of sight out of mind until it is needed to save the day.

My opinion is that some people who push their limits and make a big fuss carrying a firearm out in the open in say, Albertsons are really giving the anti gun nuts ammunition to push for restricting our rights. We should be responsible, well educated, and literate if we want to keep the right.

My suggestion is to open carry in the way I do. For one I don't push my limits and carry walking down the street, or Costco. I only "open carry" in my vehicle to and from familys and friends homes, and to and from work, if I have a bad feeling I may leave one in my vehicle while I am going to the store but I try not to because one can break into the car and then have a gun. If you have a ccw, then you have displayed responsibility and judgement with a firearms and People most likely won't even know about the gun as long as you aren't drawing attention.

I say we need to change the image of the citizen who carries, if we are well dressed, calm, polite, well educated etc.. people tend to assume we are police officers anyways and won't question the firearm, and that is how we should act.

If you don't agree with a law, keep in mind that you can always petition it instead of just looking like a gun nut.

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