Sunday, January 16, 2011

True Grit. 3 and a half stars!!!!

Well my wife hated it, but I loved it!!!!! I am giving it a slightly low rating though because you cant rack up against the duke and expect four stars. But the movie as a whole I thought was much better.

Let me start with the lead role, Jeff Bridges is a great actor and he dd very well, you till cannot beat the Duke however, but I don't think he was trying to. He simply did his best and it worked quite well. The big strength of this flick however, was the strong supporting actors. Matt Damon and Hailee Steinfeld deserve awards for this one(not that Jeff Bridges doesn't but he may be in line for Tron also.) The supporting actors was what I didn't like about the first one, of course maybe I am a little biast against Glen Campbell for singing the song that got me picked on for my whole senior year (eighth grade.)

The core story is the same, Mattie Ross is a hard spirited youngster who hires a drunken but mean U.S. Marshal to pursue her father killer and is helped yet opposed by a Texas Ranger in pursuit of the same man. Josh Brolin did well also but next the teenage girl I hardly didn't notice him, he needs a lead role fore sure (and one better than Jona Hex not that it was bad.)

All in all it was a better movie as a whole but the role of Rooster will forever be John Wayne, but Jeff Bridges deserves his due, he attacked a very demanding role with much ferocity. I highly suggest watching this of you are into dark flick but expect some differences from the original and you will thoroughly enjoy the movie.

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