Monday, July 11, 2011

Transformers Three.

O.K. I waited a week before I wrote this review. I did this because I wanted to let the movie roll around in my head for a while. The collusion is that the movie was totally awesome!!

So basically, Sam is out of college now, and can't find work for crap, even though he has saved the world twice and received a medal of honor from Osama er I mean Obama, sorry for the political reference, if you look at my blog much you will see that I am very pro gun, weapons, freedom and he isn't so yeah... anyways, Sam can't get a job. until he meets John Malcovitch, then gets a crappy job. His new girlfriend has a great job, sort of, and he doesn't like that. But of course, some sort of huge evil thing happens and the transformers recruit Sam to the battle.

This movie focuses more on the transformers than it does on the people. This is a good thing, the second movie was better than the first one on that note. There is allot more big celeb appearances in this one also, not only the great John Malcovitch, but also Francis McDormand, who plays the government official that everyone hates, Patrick Dempsy as the girlfriends boss.

These movies have a way of making you fall in love with the characters, as fictitious as they are. It was full of action, drama, and plenty of great one liner, some people think that one liners are cheesy, but I like them. I particularly liked when one of the nest guys said, "why do the Desepticons get all the good shit!" because I had just been saying that the day before we watched it.

I don't particularly care for the girl, I know most guys are cursing me right now, I am sure she is a nice girl, but just because Maxim say she is the hottest, doesn't mean she is, hell they put Cameron Diaz as number four, no offence, but she is not number four. At any rate, she fits the bill and her acting wasn't bad, and I like her better than what Megan Fox has turned in to. Not trying to be mean, just saying it the way I see it, plastic surgery sucks, and not every guy likes a girl that looks like a hangar (in the sense that their build only compliments the clothing that is picked out for them.)

Great flick, Optimus Prime rules!!! Go Bumblebee!!!

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