Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why I havent posted in a while.

I know I haven't posted in some time, and I apologize. There is a reason however, I have not come across a product that has made me go "WOW!!!." The knives that I have, are extremely capable and do not fail me in any way, therefore I have no need to buy new ones. The guns I have are so reliable and well made that I see no need for replacement of them. As far as movies go, I liked captain America and bridesmaids, I could throw i there Hanna, but they didn't make me go "HOLY CRAP I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!"

I hope that this further validates the total adaptability and effectiveness of the Coldsteel ODA, Recon One, True Flight, Rifleman's Hawk, Regent 1911, FNP 40, and the Mossberg 500. Please take this as food for thought in regards to the fact that I have had no need to buy new gear. P.S. check out my new kindle ebook "The Man With No Past, The entire Series.

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