Monday, December 19, 2011

Kip Poe's Die Already!!!

This story is clearly a short, that being said, it is my favorite thing about it. I was able to start and finish this story between my morning coffee and my work commute, which is hard to do. I don't normally read books before work just cause I will get gripped and late for work.

I personally write mostly contemporary westerns, that being said I surely have a dark side and this story fuels it allot, this is why I rated it four and a half stars (five on amazon), I am hell bent on nor giving any five star reviews but this one would surely take the cake. It starts out with flashback about a gruesome discovery of the main characters powers, then goes on into more gruesome descriptions of a character's death that Kip has given you a sort of attachment to, Then the end is well... you will have to read it to figure that out. I have not read the extra content but I will be including reviews on that as comments on this review.

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